Snow White’s Voyage


SnowWhite’s Voyage

A fun arcade Game with many levels. It features scrolling action, music and sound-effects. It includes nine thrilling episodes, it is full of surprises and plenty of action. Your goal is to stay alive, collect flowers, fruit, gems, hearts and then try to find the exit to the next level. Catch valuable items such as balloons, butterflies, ducks, rabbits, stars etc. Avoid your enemies and collect magic rings to throw at them for extra points. SnowWhite’s nine voyages:

  • Palace Garden: catch butterflies and avoid trolls.
  • Cleanup: avoid spiders and pumpkin-creatures.
  • Forest: catch rabbits and avoid hunters and owls.
  • Lake: avoid frogs and crocodiles as you cross the lake.
  • Little House: avoid mice, dogs and the plate-throwing scarecrow.
  • Mine: help the dwarfs pickup gems and rubies in the mine.
  • Castle: rescue the dwarfs. Avoid ghosts and dragons.
  • Prince Charming: hopd on his white pony and tries to find SnowWhite.
  • Evil Queen: chase the Evil Queen, hunters and dragons.

Snow White is part of the Arcade bundle which includes: Billy The Kid Returns!, Scubaman’s Quest and Snow White’s Voyage.