Dinosaur Predators


Dinosaur Predators

A fun and educational game for all ages. In this game players get to play as prehistoric creatures and venture out to catch their prey.


The game is divided into four eras:

  • TERROR IN THE SWAMP: fight huge crocodiles and vicious Velociraptors that terrorized the prehistoric swamps. Watch early mammals struggle for survival.
  • OVIRAPTOR THE EGG-THIEF: you are a tiny Oviraptor trying to steal eggs from the meanest carnivores. Can you steal the eggs and escape their wrath?
  • ICE AGE MAMMALS: long after dinosaurs were gone, giant mammals ruled the earth. Ice-men fight it out with Saber-tooth tigers, Mammoths and many other prehistoric giants.
  • JURASSIC DINOSAURS: Get the latest version of Jurassic dinosaurs, T-Rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, the gang is all here.

Dinosaur Predators is part of the Strategy/Puzzles bundle which includes 4 games: Animal QuestDinosaur PredatorsVGA Jigsaw, and VGA Concentrate.