Alivesoft Legacy Games

These are just some of the old DOS titles Alivesoft has released in the past:


Bill The Kid Returns


A Fun Western Action Arcade Game. It includes 10 episodes with four levels each, scrolling action, music and sound effects. Each episode is full of surprises.  This game has plenty of action and conflict but little violence. Billy The Kid includes 10 Adventures:

  • Escape from prison
  • Survive the desert, rattle snakes, and gunmen
  • Explore the Old Man’s mine and caves
  • Fight with Sombrero Jack’s gang
  • Match wits with the deadly senioritas
  • Cross the Ghost-town
  • Find Captain Lightfoot’s lost treasure
  • Face Apache warriors
  • Fight it out with the Cavalry
  • Finally escape Sheriff Garrett’s lethal six shooter



Scubaman’s Quest


You are Scubaman, armed with your trusty stun-gun. Your mission is to collect rare marine creatures and recover lost treasures from the bottom of the sea. Your enemies include killer whales, sharks, giant turtles, electric eels, hostile diverse and plenty of angry mutant creatures. Scubaman Includes ten thrilling underwater action adventures:

  • find the golden gates
  • explore the dark cave
  • face deadly jelly fish
  • discover the ship-wreck
  • survive a shark attack
  • fight with the gate keepers
  • uncover the secrets of Poseidonia
  • find lost treasures
  • escape from marine creatures
  • and finally find your way back.


SnowWhite’s Voyage


A fun arcade Game with many levels. It features scrolling action, music and sound-effects. It includes nine thrilling episodes, it is full of surprises and plenty of action. Your goal is to stay alive, collect flowers, fruit, gems, hearts and then try to find the exit to the next level. Catch valuable items such as balloons, butterflies, ducks, rabbits, stars etc. Avoid your enemies and collect magic rings to throw at them for extra points. SnowWhite’s nine voyages:

  • Palace Garden: catch butterflies and avoid trolls.
  • Cleanup: avoid spiders and pumpkin-creatures.
  • Forest: catch rabbits and avoid hunters and owls.
  • Lake: avoid frogs and crocodiles as you cross the lake.
  • Little House: avoid mice, dogs and the plate-throwing scarecrow.
  • Mine: help the dwarfs pickup gems and rubies in the mine.
  • Castle: rescue the dwarfs. Avoid ghosts and dragons.
  • Prince Charming: hopd on his white pony and tries to find SnowWhite.
  • Evil Queen: chase the Evil Queen, hunters and dragons.


Animal Quest


Step into the wonderful world of Nature and experience wildlife through the eyes of an animal. Try to catch your prey, while challenged by predators and competitors. Animal Quest is a never ending adventure in the fascinating world of Nature. All animals are placed randomly at different screens so that each game is unique and unpredictable, challenging you every time.
A Strategy game that children can enjoy in the Easy Level by choosing to become a Predator or adults can play in the difficult Level by choosing to be a prey animal. and it is enhanced with realistic Sound Effects. Animal Quest includes:

  • Forest animals
  • Ocean animals,
  • Jungle animals and
  • Young lion and hyenas


Dinosaur Predators


Dinosaur Predators is a fun and educational game for all ages. In this game players get to play as prehistoric creatures and venture out to catch their prey. The game is divided into four sub-games:

  • Jurassic Dinosaurs
  • Terror in the Swamp
  • Oviraptor – Egg Thief
  • Ice Age Mammals


This is the complete list of DOS Games by Alivesoft

Game Genre Year OS
PC-Jigsaw Puzzle 1989 DOS
Crazy Shuffle Puzzle 1989 DOS
 Magic Crayon Educational Game 1990 DOS
Alive Sharks Arcade 1990 DOS
VGA Jigsaw Puzzle 1990 DOS
VGA Concentrate Puzzle 1990 DOS
VGA Sharks Arcade 1990 DOS
Animal Quest Puzzle/Strategy 1991 DOS
Billy the Kid Returns Platform 1993 DOS
Dinosaur Predators Puzzle/Strategy 1994 DOS
Scubaman’s Quest Platform 1994 DOS
SnowWhite’s Voyage Arcade 1996 DOS


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